Neutrale Farbbänder 3125DN

Farbe: Kap. / Inh.: 1 Stück
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Amano AS1000/BX1500

kompatible Farbbandkassette schwarz

(64539 - NFB3125DNBA)

  • Amano As1000
  • Amano Bx1600
  • Amano Classicard Compact Ii
  • Amano Mrx20
  • Amano Mx300
  • ATM Bx 1500
  • Amano Bx1500
  • Amano Bx2000
  • Amano Kaba Benzing Classicard2
  • Amano Mrx30
  • ATM As 1000
  • Carma Gr 3125dn (Cassetted)

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